TEDxMarkhamSt 2016 Partner

Are you a company, patron or organization that is interested in helping to support TEDxMarkhamSt 2016, whether financially or in-kind? Is there a service you think you might be able to offer to TEDxMarkhamSt that could help us in our mission to share ideas worth spreading? If so, we would love to get in touch. More partners will be announced shortly!


Financial Partnership Levels:

Friends: Special Mention in Social Media and Conference Program

Bronze: Conference Sponsors, Digital Recognition Only, 1 Reserved Seat* + VIP Pass + 1 Dinner Ticket with Speakers & Paying Guests

Silver: Conference Sponsors, Digital + Print Recognition, 3 Reserved Seats* + VIP Pass + 2 Dinner Tickets with Speakers & Paying Guests

Gold: Conference Sponsors, Digital + Print Recognition, 5 Reserved Seats* + VIP Pass + 3 Dinner Tickets with Speakers & Paying Guests

Platinum: Annual + Conference Sponsor, Digital + Print Recognition, 7 Reserved Seats* + VIP Pass + 5 Dinner Tickets with Speakers & Paying Guests

*Seats will be forfeited if empty for complete session*

In-Kind Partnership Levels:

Annual + Conference Sponsorship, Digital + Print Recognition, Reserved Seats* + VIP Pass + Dinner Tickets* with Speakers & Paying Guests

*Based on In-Kind Partnership Agreement*

Become a partner

For more details on each partnership level, please contact us!


2015-2016 Partners






Partners In-Kind

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